Friday, March 9, 2012

Another day, another Village Inn.....

Yeah, so the video's a bit smushed but you know what? It took a lot less time to upload, so there!

Working on music while in the RV, I've started doing a once-weekly music jam and Amanda is coming to the next one! Can't wait :)

Helped Casey make about a bazillion deviled eggs for the RESCU Rally (RESCU is a group that works like a pseudo-insurance company for rennies, basically financial assistance for financially downtrodden rennies...)
The rally was awesome and we had a blast, we even gambled a bit (blackjack, who knew you were so addictive?)
Casey's deviled eggs won the salad portion of the food competition, so yay. We received as a thank you (you guessed it) a plate of deviled eggs....our favorite food on the planet!

Amanda won a really nice bamboo flute from the silent auction and is learning to play it when she has the time.

Whelp, laundry's done and we're taking up our server's section. Time to watch more West Wing and snuggle. Rough life right?


Anyone watching West Wing will get that. Any not, start watching The West Wing.

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