Friday, April 27, 2012

Laundry and Internet!

Hooray! The laundromat here in Georgia has fast Wi-Fi. This makes up for the fact that our phones have, at best, crappy service and spotty internet connection. Guess Fairburn is a bit off of the satellite purview..

Met up with Mark Schaeffer and his family, quite a bit of fun there. Great chinese food from a Greek restaurant and a trip to REI was our first visit. Hopefully more to come, they have tickets for the faire now and we hope to see them out!

Going through a bit of a "what the hell should I be doing now" phase. Working on an invention idea for ren faires, need a prototype designed. Uploading music videos I've recorded in the RV with hopes of getting some music out there. Intro video link below:

So let's see what happens with this :)

Still working out through the Insanity program with Jimmy, Cameron, Marge, Amanda and whoever else drops by. It's grueling but we're getting in good shape. Not even sore anymore (entirely....) but it absolutely destroys our calves. It's a lot of jumping plyometrics and cardio, which is great for us really. Especially Amanda who is gearing up for her first run of Sirena at Bristol in July! Excited for her and for the expansion of TSP.

So not a ton to report from Georgia yet but a lot of irons in the fire and hopefully something will materialize soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh yeah! Forgot The Alamo :p

Get it?
We stopped at the Alamo as a side trip to our excursion. Casey and Jimmy's idea.

So glad we did! Great piece of American history and gorgeous to boot. Great little tourist trap area with fun shops. Even the one with color-changing ink in the sun! Love that one.

I highly recommend it. I had no idea it happened on my birthday and that Davy Crockett met his end there. Learn something new every day if you're not careful!

The long road here....

Wow, so we are finally in Fairburn Georgia at our campsite but what a trip to get here.

Allow me to elaborate:

We began with a wonderful trip and five day vacation to Sedona. Saw the family including my lovely Nana and her boyfriend Bernie. After the stay, we drove back to Apache Junction to get started on the schlep to Georgia.

First problem, Appa did not start up. Two months unattended in the Arizona sun apparently for a happy RV does not make. We kept trying and eventually called AAA to get a guy out there. An hour later he arrives butI says the engine is just flooded from our attempts to start it. Everything works fine now, its just flooded. So we wait and watch Dr Who with Casey and jimmy.  We began trying to start the engine at 5, finally get it to start by pumping the bejesus out of the gas at 10pm. Wow.

So we get just out of town and stop for the night. Next day we set out and find a new problem, Appa overheats easily now. After stopping for gas, he won't start again for a couple hours. Yikes. So we start to work around that by not stopping the engine to gas up.

Next problem. In one of our bejesus -pumpings to get the engine revving, Amanda steps too hard and the cable connecting the gas pedal to the bit that lets the gas in snaps! We call AAA and they send a towing guy out. The nearest shop is 144 miles away. AAA will cover the first 100 miles but the next 44 have to come out of pocket....crap.

Fortunately the AAA guy says "I think I can fix this" and does with some heavy gauge wire! Some creative tying and wrapping and we were back in the road!

The next day we realized we wanted to be in Georgia sooner than we were planning. Amanda started just trucking it past jimmy and Casey and I took a couple hour nap at 3am. Woke up at 6:30 with a coffee-addled Amanda in desperate need of some rest. I took over and drove us the rest of the way and into our camp!!

Now we just need to check our engine regularly, turn it over every once in a while and take good care of our baby.

Sooo much more I could write but I don't want to be too verbose and my thumbs are mad. Typing on my phone .....our next generation will have some messed-up thumbs!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sedona pictures!

Full account of trip to Georgia soon, but for now pics from our five day vacation in wonderful Sedona!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sedona vacation!

On vacation in Sedona with the family, Casey, Jimmy and Amanda. Even my grandmother (Nana) is here with her boyfriend Bernie.

Bit of a hectic trip but transition is always stressful and now with such a large group here, coordinating activities will be certainly fun. Went out to dinner at the Red Planet Diner, fun memories there. Hoping to do some serious hiking while we are here. And swimming, sunbathing and hottubbing!

But there's a new computer waiting for me in my folk's room, so bye bye 5-year-old MacBook, you've served me well and will serve your new master well also. Amazed it's still trucking like this, I must have taken good care of this one.

Off for some breakfast and computering! New post from new computer soon :)