Thursday, February 23, 2012


Totally went to an amazing bulk and fresh produce store yesterday. We have veggies and food for miles. This place is our new mecca: The Good Apple.

Thank you Cary and Jimmy for making this possible!

Now I can cook

And cook I shall

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Been a busy week!

Also, Amanda hit culinary gold last night. We were enjoying some barbeque ribs at Uncle Breck and Aunt Sharon's last night when Amanda suggested adding cinnamon to our ribs out of the blue. It was actually quite delicious, I'm guessing this was since it was a molasses-based BBQ sauce. The whole meal was splendid and we are now refreshed, showered and laundried! Ah the life of dirty hippies on the road...

So grocery shopping today and developing our own cardio workout due to the absence of a certain Jimmy Freer (snowboarding today...lucky bastard)

So as you can see, life has settled down a bit into more of a rhythm and we are finding that while every day is an adventure, it often exhausts us too much to post about it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day

Jimmy and Casey are hosting a Doctor themed party tonight. We, lacking costumes, will simply be bringing some Doctor-themed booze...

Last night hung out with Amanda's friend, John Keating. Wonderful fellow and we had a great time. Went out to a restaurant where you order and pay for your food and then they give it to you...raw.
 You then take your food (in our case raw chicken in ziplocs) out to the huge grill out back and cook your own sandwich. It was awesome! Definitely want to go back and grill up my own dinner while playing sand volleyball (they have two courts) or billards upstairs in their "lounge."

Tomorrow is "Recovery and Laundry Day." Lots of wet clothes to clean and gotta freshen up our garb before another weekend of faire. No fungus-laced bodysuits for this faire! I think the next Kickstarter that needs to happen is "buy the Fantastikals a second bodysuit." It'll probably get funded in 3 Fantastikals...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Day!!!

Also, Whitney Houston died today apparently. That's a shame...

Now we're gonna eat quite a bit (mostly meat) and continue to curse James Freer for his strenuous, but ever so effective, workout regime. Yesterday's 20 solid minutes of 8 pushups (Amanda did Mountain Climbers instead for a more cardio workout), 12 lunges, 8 let-me-ups (pull ups from a situp position, requires benches) really kicked our collective asses. But we're feeling results already and this beats the hell out of not working out. Even if it REALLY doesn't feel like it right now.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Settling in

Well, jimmy and Casey have arrived! They are actually three doors down from us! We had drinks last night and I am starting a character for an RPG night!

In other news, I re-repaired the leak on the roof and we are working diligently on a replacement refrigerator. Amanda made a pretty garland for herself, picture below.

Jimmy is starting us on a new workout regime, pretty intense. Seven and a half minute sessions of each exercise. We do them in a pyramid ladder: do one, rest one, do two, rest two and up and then at your peak, go back down the pyramid! Upper body is SORE and more to come tomorrow...

Overall we are acclimating well. Even got our AC on (can you believe that?) and making sure we stay sunscreened and protected.

Video update soon with next coffee-shop post!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting settled in

All is going well, despite the world's best efforts sometimes :)

We are now better at knowing Appa inside and out. We learn new things every day and its very exciting! Even set up some instruments and made a bit of music (learned Long Train Running and Mrs. Robinson for starters). Hopefully we can jam with some neighbors.

Cooking even works great. Been making some great dishes and practicing Japanese during meal times.

Hardest part is to come to grips that each day is ours to plan. We get tons done but it still feels like a vacation. We worked out twice today and it was awesome! Even talked to the entertainment director and she is very interested in TSP. Gonna meet with her after President's Day, fingers crossed on that one.

Here's a pic of the interior :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First post in Arizona!

The trip was long and arduous but we are here:

Learned many many things about RVs today (like how to know your fridge is broken or when/where to dispose of your drainage tanks...)

Got our Faire ids, sunglasses and sunscreen. Met our neighbors who seem nice and enjoyed some video games and wine in the RV for our first night!

The Sirena Seelie Player's Kickstarter was great and now we get to look forward to finding new and more GIGS!

Saw some friends from Wisconsin, people we know from Bristol and I even got a chance to connect with the glassblowing family here at AZ that I knew years ago.

Time to go hiking and get back to setting ourselves up. Hard to know what to do with the free time, feels like there's a million things to do but also there's more than enough time to do them in. So it's all good.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

From the road

Taking a break lying in bed while Amanda has a driving shift. Been going for quite a while now. We've made a diagonal swath across Missouri and are now biting in to Oklahoma. Not sure when we are going to finish for the night but we have a lot of driving ahead of us and we both want to sort of power through it while we have the energy (thank you late night coffee).
Refueled and got a bunch of groceries at home in edwardsville today. Also got our water tank set with some for the road. Now we don't need a hotel!

Munchkin has acclimated nicely and is now exploring the vehicle in full motion, even jumping up onto the dashboard to see what was going on. Brave little girl! She is now the proud owner of an engraved reflective collar with a hand made red bowtie on it! Thanks to mom for the craftsmanship :)

Highlight of the day was Amanda creating a bit of a workout routine in the RV. My favorite was running in place because looking out the windshield, it felt like we were running really really fast.

Many more miles to go but each one brings us closer to our destination! Onwards!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Made it to Edwardsville!

In other news, turns out I didn't do a good job patching up the roof. We were barely 10 minutes out of Oostburg before we heard this *fwap fwap* sound coming from the roof. Suddenly, the patch tape detached, flipped over and smacked my driver's windshield, much to our surprise...

Oy vey!

So yesterday was such a clusterf**k and I was so exhausted that I collapsed after dinner and didn't write a post.
Long story short:

Subletter fell through. Trying to find another
Appa is almost fully loaded, finishing this morning
Storage pod on roof fits perfectly
Leak on roof repaired?
Money is tight (shocking right?)
Heading to St Louis today to see the folks
Munchkin is handling this all brilliantly
The Seelie Players rock

So the adventure begins today and I just want to thank Keaton, Cher, Amanda, Walt, Diane and my parents for helping us get to this point and push beyond!

More detailed report to come!