Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black eyes and dinner for 12!

Went to an awesome trampoline-covered fun place for Marges birthday on Monday. Tons of fun but a kid in our group and I had a collision that resulted in a black eye for yours truly. Hurt worse than it looked at first, now it looks worse than it feels.

By the way, who's idea was it to candy-coat Advil anyway? I find myself licking the damned things before taking them like "oooh,  I deserve a treat...."

Anywhooo, now relaxing at Breck and Sharon's after cooking an Asian meal for the family. Cousins, aunts, cousins once removed, you name it. A group of about twelve all together and it worked great! I taught everyone to make spring rolls and Amanda made a great stir fry with rice. What a team!

Now starting to see the end of Arizona in sight. About time to start looking ahead to the next adventure, Georgia!

Not a lot to report on the seelie players front unfortunately. Materials sent out and waiting for progress on gig leads. Move soon hopefully...

Picture of the black eye below .

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