Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sedona vacation!

On vacation in Sedona with the family, Casey, Jimmy and Amanda. Even my grandmother (Nana) is here with her boyfriend Bernie.

Bit of a hectic trip but transition is always stressful and now with such a large group here, coordinating activities will be certainly fun. Went out to dinner at the Red Planet Diner, fun memories there. Hoping to do some serious hiking while we are here. And swimming, sunbathing and hottubbing!

But there's a new computer waiting for me in my folk's room, so bye bye 5-year-old MacBook, you've served me well and will serve your new master well also. Amazed it's still trucking like this, I must have taken good care of this one.

Off for some breakfast and computering! New post from new computer soon :)

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