Friday, April 27, 2012

Laundry and Internet!

Hooray! The laundromat here in Georgia has fast Wi-Fi. This makes up for the fact that our phones have, at best, crappy service and spotty internet connection. Guess Fairburn is a bit off of the satellite purview..

Met up with Mark Schaeffer and his family, quite a bit of fun there. Great chinese food from a Greek restaurant and a trip to REI was our first visit. Hopefully more to come, they have tickets for the faire now and we hope to see them out!

Going through a bit of a "what the hell should I be doing now" phase. Working on an invention idea for ren faires, need a prototype designed. Uploading music videos I've recorded in the RV with hopes of getting some music out there. Intro video link below:

So let's see what happens with this :)

Still working out through the Insanity program with Jimmy, Cameron, Marge, Amanda and whoever else drops by. It's grueling but we're getting in good shape. Not even sore anymore (entirely....) but it absolutely destroys our calves. It's a lot of jumping plyometrics and cardio, which is great for us really. Especially Amanda who is gearing up for her first run of Sirena at Bristol in July! Excited for her and for the expansion of TSP.

So not a ton to report from Georgia yet but a lot of irons in the fire and hopefully something will materialize soon.

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