Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh yeah! Forgot The Alamo :p

Get it?
We stopped at the Alamo as a side trip to our excursion. Casey and Jimmy's idea.

So glad we did! Great piece of American history and gorgeous to boot. Great little tourist trap area with fun shops. Even the one with color-changing ink in the sun! Love that one.

I highly recommend it. I had no idea it happened on my birthday and that Davy Crockett met his end there. Learn something new every day if you're not careful!


  1. Aww, glad you got a picture of C.C. - I was trying to find a good one. :o)

  2. I assume CC is the kitty. And I see Amanda loves her new skirt!
    Hey...start schlepping your Rebel! Charge the battery and take some NON grainy photos to post. It downloads in a snap to your peeyooter. I KNOW I sent the cables with it. And your charger is easier than my new one. Your's is just a wall plug in. Do you guys need that car conversion strip/multi outlet thingymajig that we had for the van from Radio Shack? It's yours if you do. I have it stored away and am not using it. Next care package....(the USPS has a one price box no matter if you put bricks in it or not up to 35lbs or something...)