Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Been a busy week!

Also, Amanda hit culinary gold last night. We were enjoying some barbeque ribs at Uncle Breck and Aunt Sharon's last night when Amanda suggested adding cinnamon to our ribs out of the blue. It was actually quite delicious, I'm guessing this was since it was a molasses-based BBQ sauce. The whole meal was splendid and we are now refreshed, showered and laundried! Ah the life of dirty hippies on the road...

So grocery shopping today and developing our own cardio workout due to the absence of a certain Jimmy Freer (snowboarding today...lucky bastard)

So as you can see, life has settled down a bit into more of a rhythm and we are finding that while every day is an adventure, it often exhausts us too much to post about it!


  1. Good morning my little hippie childs. Can't wait to taste the new BBQ ribs. Can't wait to see you both. Gonna make the plane and hotel reservations tomorrow. XXOXX CarlinMama

  2. Bob sometimes adds cinnamon while frying ground beef. Gives it a very Mediterranean flavor - and rocks with couscous. :)

    It was so great to see you guys on Monday! Glad to see you're recovering from hell week!