Thursday, February 9, 2012

Settling in

Well, jimmy and Casey have arrived! They are actually three doors down from us! We had drinks last night and I am starting a character for an RPG night!

In other news, I re-repaired the leak on the roof and we are working diligently on a replacement refrigerator. Amanda made a pretty garland for herself, picture below.

Jimmy is starting us on a new workout regime, pretty intense. Seven and a half minute sessions of each exercise. We do them in a pyramid ladder: do one, rest one, do two, rest two and up and then at your peak, go back down the pyramid! Upper body is SORE and more to come tomorrow...

Overall we are acclimating well. Even got our AC on (can you believe that?) and making sure we stay sunscreened and protected.

Video update soon with next coffee-shop post!

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