Thursday, February 2, 2012

From the road

Taking a break lying in bed while Amanda has a driving shift. Been going for quite a while now. We've made a diagonal swath across Missouri and are now biting in to Oklahoma. Not sure when we are going to finish for the night but we have a lot of driving ahead of us and we both want to sort of power through it while we have the energy (thank you late night coffee).
Refueled and got a bunch of groceries at home in edwardsville today. Also got our water tank set with some for the road. Now we don't need a hotel!

Munchkin has acclimated nicely and is now exploring the vehicle in full motion, even jumping up onto the dashboard to see what was going on. Brave little girl! She is now the proud owner of an engraved reflective collar with a hand made red bowtie on it! Thanks to mom for the craftsmanship :)

Highlight of the day was Amanda creating a bit of a workout routine in the RV. My favorite was running in place because looking out the windshield, it felt like we were running really really fast.

Many more miles to go but each one brings us closer to our destination! Onwards!

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  1. Love your tales! Hey, when you get to AZ, keep your ears open for vets offering free microchips. It's the only way I was able to travel with our kids without having a heart attack every time we opened a car door. :)