Sunday, February 5, 2012

First post in Arizona!

The trip was long and arduous but we are here:

Learned many many things about RVs today (like how to know your fridge is broken or when/where to dispose of your drainage tanks...)

Got our Faire ids, sunglasses and sunscreen. Met our neighbors who seem nice and enjoyed some video games and wine in the RV for our first night!

The Sirena Seelie Player's Kickstarter was great and now we get to look forward to finding new and more GIGS!

Saw some friends from Wisconsin, people we know from Bristol and I even got a chance to connect with the glassblowing family here at AZ that I knew years ago.

Time to go hiking and get back to setting ourselves up. Hard to know what to do with the free time, feels like there's a million things to do but also there's more than enough time to do them in. So it's all good.

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  1. Refrigerators sometimes need a 'freeon' type of boost/refill like automobile air conditioners. Other times, their compressor is shot. Happy Birthday could be a new fridge? Hope it is not needed...