Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another game night

Well, another game night at the Howard's while Sirena rehearses below. Pulling hard for the girls to finish up the show, can't wait to see what they've created. Of course I've seen snippets and bits here and there but to see the whole thing as a cohesive unit is what I'm really anxious for. Hanging out here reminds me of how much I've gained in the way of friends and fun here in Chicago. I'm really going to miss my friends here.

Amanda has started crocheting to bide the time (apparently something she did the last time she quit smoking) and is really tearing through some projects. I even have one new "hobo glove," a glove missing the fingers. Those are my favorites due to their ability to warm your hands but also allow for maximum dexterity.

Speaking of dexterity, picked up a new keyboard today! This is my fourth....I got it since the keyboard I have now is just too damned bib for the road but my gig keyboard doesn't feel anything like a real piano. So, I split the difference on a Korg and am quite pleased. Turns out guitar center was purchased by the company that Mitt Romney owns, so I hope I didn't just vote accidentally. We got into a fun political conversation with our cashier, even chatted about the hep c outbreak at occupy wall street in New York. Dirty Hippies....

So packing continues as normal and we continue to get REALLY nervous about the impending move. I want to just start packing things up now just to be done with it. I'm so worried something might go wrong at any moment, that I'm living each day by ear and pulling solutions out of netherbits. But gradually each string begins to find an end and I'm gathering them up into a bundle that will ideally look somewhat reasonable.

But hey, in two weeks or so I will be in Arizona! Nose to the grindstone and focus on the end goal

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