Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Sherlock night!

Watched the second episode of Season 2 of the new Sherlock series on BBC One. Cher has a really cool system where she wirelessly streams movies to our PS3 over the network and we watch it on my glorious big ol' TV. Gonna miss big ol''s going home to live with my folks and little brother Sterling (he's thrilled of course) and we'll have to get a little one on a pivot to install on the wall of Appa.

This episode was good but not the best. That's really the first time I haven't been absolutely blown away by an episode. I think everyone that enjoys a good tv show really owes it to themselves to watch Sherlock, regardless of whether they are Conan Doyle fans or not. Great timing, great writing (it's Steven Moffat, he can do no wrong right now), and a brilliant reimagining of Sherlock and Watson. Definitely check it out!

So I've caught myself dragging my feet several times in this whole "moving out" process. I keep forcing myself to find other things to do and not begin packing or deciding which clothes I should take. Inspiration occasionally takes hold but then leaves just as quickly as I attempt to do at least one of the 5,000 that popped into my head when I felt like I wasn't doing anything. Then, by the time I'm trying to do three things at once to make up for lost time, I realize that I'm spinning my wheels and really need to wait to be able to do the job correctly. So I'm back to doing nothing but for some reason feel a bit more justified in doing nothing. Until I don't.....

Needless to say it's tiring.

Working out the finances and logistics of it all is a bit crazy too. It's hard to imaging "I'm going to be living in a box with a girl and a cat for who knows how long making a huge change in my life and way of living....I wonder if I should bring 2 spatulas?"

It's sometimes nice to take a step back and realize the big steps I've made. 6 months ago I was:

Living in Chicago without end in sight
Working recreationally at Bristol (primary income? HA!!)
Working hard at trying to get Emerald City to respect me as an adult professional and not still an intern...
Playing in my own cover band

All that's different now. I don't regret the loss of any one of those things, but it's a huge shift in plans and lifestyle. Gotta roll with the punches but occasionally you gotta pat yourself on the back and say "Damn, them's some big punches!"

Well, now I feel a bit motivated and will probably go pack away some glassware. Really is no point in delaying and lord knows I won't have time for it this weekend. Big photo shoot for The Seelie Players so we can have nice things ready for our Kickstarter! We even have our bank account set up in Georgia and are about to take the company on the road.

Thank goodness I have this company to keep me working and feeling like I'm progressing my career, otherwise I'd be going stir crazy with this month of unemployment and packing.

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