Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RV Park Research

Spent a while today searching RV parks, since an RV space at the Arizona Faire is an impossibility and we would have to use a primitive camping spot and run our generators all the time. So, threw on "Into the Woods" (the Sondheim staged musical with the original cast). Never seen it before and quite enjoying it! It surprises me sometimes how little theatre (especially musical theatre) I have seen considering I majored in the damn thing. That's what you get when you take one class in each backstage capacity and don't emphasize on performing and being in shows (not my primary choice, although it seems like they have more fun....).

I could always tell the difference between theatre folk and tech folk: you just look for the cloud of cigarette smoke and the cacophony of crinkling Carl's Jr. fast food bags.

Apparently I digress....RV parks in the area are certainly pricey, but it's a matter of weighing the benefits with the costs. A ton of them are 55+ exclusive, not open to young whipper snappers like us. Seems a bit odd but I guess it's more popular to retire into an RV. The lifestyle we're encountering on isn't very frequent for folk of our age, but with enough work I'm sure we'll find something.

The most promising park is an RV "Resort." It's a full-on resort and for less than we would pay rent in Chicago, we could stay there complete with pools, golf courses, concrete pads and utility hookups. There's even concerts on the greens of the golf courses, so of course I plugged Fantastishak (Amanda and my music duo). We'd still have a bit of income and of course we'll search for gigs in the area. Might be worth the expense, I'll have to see what Amanda thinks when she gets off of work.

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  1. Awww, you're staying off site? Sad!
    Well, definitely don't be afraid to call the management & try to barter! Cameron gets discounted camping spots for us in RV parks by offering to have Barely Balanced do shows for the kids in the campground, and it works out really well!