Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running like a chicken....

Full day of spending WAY more money then I was expecting on Appa today before driving him to another repair shop.

Sigh...just bleeding money here. But since I got the RV for a song in the first place, this is still a reasonably small investment. Amanda is being an absolute doll and offering to pay some of my lunches for the next couple days.

Came back to Chicago for a first performance for an audience of Sirena. Great response but I think once costume and makeup are added to more confidence and energy, this show will absolutely blow everyone's socks off. Stay tuned!

Last night of D&D. I am going to miss this house and these friends more than I can say.

One week to go and the nerves are definitely settling in. I'm getting very nervous about this whole thing and just want it to happen and stop worrying and scurrying making multiple lists and intentions.

Hopefully I can find a subletter soon and then just pack up.

Ready to hit the road. Lets just do this!

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