Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home shweet home

Made the trek through the inclement Chicago weather (I heard they got about 6 inches last night, glad I left when I did!) to get back to Edwardsville (just outside St. Louis) to see my family. Before we head out on our wonderful adventure, I wanted to spend as much time as possible at home seeing everyone. There's a chance I won't see them as often as when I was in Chicago, there's also an outside chance I might see them more! Only time will tell but it still feels like a big uprooting and the little kid in me just wants to stay with my family (mamma's boy that I am....)

Of course this means my usual constant dull throb of frantic mental activity. Keeping up with my family is kind of like sitting in on an episode of the West Wing. We're constantly moving and all talking over, around and through one another. This can of course lead to irritations, hurt feelings, verbal altercations and just general stress. Oh yeah, and we have 4 cats and 3 dogs in the apartment that need constant attention/food/affection/brushing/trimming.  Truth is, I wouldn't trade it for anything else; it's family, the goods and the bads.

My little brothers seem to be doing quite well. Halstead, the middle boy, is really making a great push for school and getting into some music mixing. Just brought him a little USB keyboard to use with Garageband and Logic Express. He tends to go through phases and wants on instrument or another at any given time, he'd make a great one man band at this point.

Sterling is still doing his usual combination of fencing/high school and preparing himself to probably become a lawyer. This of course means he has to flex his little logical muscles by arguing every little thing he can find to argue about until you just about want to strangle the kid. This is usually because he's right....

And like I mentioned, there's animals abound! As I write this, our little one-eyed rescue kitten is poking her head out behind the computer screen. She was saved by the side of the road and initially named Mirakit (or Mirra for short) because the vet was just able to operate on her infected eye and save her life before she died. So now she's living the life but her left eye is sewn shut. I of course gave her the title "Winky" and despite my family's best efforts at a thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful name, my little quip stuck and Winky it is!

Short, silly, often Yiddish-inspired names for animals is apparently a hidden talent of mine (Winky, Schmutz, etc.)

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