Monday, January 16, 2012

Sirena nearing completion

That's right folks! The girls did their first walkthrough of the entire show today!

This is really big news considering that just a couple of weeks ago, we were all stressed about the show getting finished. Through the combined efforts of Amanda and Sam, songs were traded around and written and suddenly a show came together where there was once only 2 songs and a few ideas.

It's been great to see the journey these girls have taken and it's always neat to see something artistic like this take form and life of its own. Can't say how proud I am of these girls for the work and heart they've put into this show.

Even went on a bit of a journey myself with the show. Mostly learning how to be helpful but not intrusive, supportive but not imposing, encouraging but not shoving a square peg into a round hole for time's sake (a favorite pastime of mine...).

It's been a lot of hours working on my computer or on Japanese in Sandra's basement and many meals at the local Golden Nugget (I might have their meatloaf recipe committed to memory now and NO ONE should be allowed to add more mayo on top of a tuna salad sandwich!)

In other news, as you can clearly see, Munchkin is getting ready for the trip on the road. As I research new cat boxes and learn from other RVers on the internet how best to keep a cat, Munchkin is getting used to her new harness so we can let her outside at times on a lead. I'd hate for her to get disoriented or lost but I also don't want her cooped up in the RV all the time, she's going to want to be outside. She'll get over the scariness and get on board with it soon enough.

She just gives me this adorable face and makes me feel miserable when in her harness. She hardly moves at all, I think it's just pouting. Because when the chips are down and she actually wants something, she moves just fine. I think there's just some feminine manipulation happening here, I'm determined not to fall for it....

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