Sunday, January 15, 2012

Part of the group....

Whelp, spent the whole day with the girls of TSP doing photo shoots, video shoots, makeup and whatnot. Lots of stuff to do and I even found places to do stuff! Learned some makeup techniques so I might be able to contribute in the future. Outside of that, it was a lot of video games and some cooking for the group. Thankfully Katie showed me some great Pilates and Yoga exercises/stretches that work the back muscles I've been having trouble with. Felt great and I don't feel like a total schlub.

Now out to dinner and starting to reach capacity a bit. I'm learning that there is a threshold where Grayson can stay working with a very excited group of 4-6 women before he gets a bit weird anddemotivated suddenly is interested in football, violent video games, exercising or anything with a shred of testosterone...

Started the day off with a great quip today. Heading out the door to pick up a quick breakfast for everyone:

Me: I'm off. Wish me luck!
Amanda: Good luck!
Me: I don't need luck!!

So now out serving as driver for a rehearsal/dinner and then going out for drinks for Amanda's belated birthday. Best part: the girls are keeping their makeup on. This should make for a lot of attention for the girls, they'll be thrilled. We are going to have business cards on hand, so maybe ill get to chat up the business a bit. Otherwise I stand to become verrrrrryyy bored. Sam talked Arne into coming so at least there might be someone to talk to.

Difficult not to feel like an accessory to things at time bit truth be told, that's kinda my job and what I signed on for. Performing is great and I actually enjoy it, but I took the "safe route" and thus find myself doing the necessary but very dull aspects of the really cool awesome business. Thus is the curse of the PSM. Its not like I regret it, only that I wish I could do fun stuff.

Thank God this company at least lets me toss an artistic idea in there.

Can't wait to get back to music and learning some movement/weight sharing things. Maybe even perform sometime....dare I think?

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