Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Over at Sandras

One of the biggest things I'll be missing once we hit the road is our weekly game nights over at Sandra and Andy Howards church/house. Sandra cooks a wonderful meal and we all gather for dinner. Once we're done, we migrate into the living room and play D&D until we get tired of each other or 10pm rolls around. Usually we reach 10 first.

Not sure how I'll be able to take gaming on the road like this. There are applications but they're piss-poor. I'm sure Amanda and I will be playing board games and bits like that; perhaps we can play little games in each place we go to.

Or maybe I'll just suddenly be stuck with more free time...

At a gathering of a bunch of friends like this, it's hard to think that we'll be able to do things like this on the road. But once I really think about it however, it's funny to think that I might actually be doing more social gatherings once we are off. Considering the number of people I know from faire and around, there's a good chance we'll be pretty active socially. And why not? We're a cute couple who are fun, easygoing and not too hard to get along with...

Most excited to see Casey and Jimmy (my boss from Bristol and her boyfriend, who works in a acrobat/comedy troupe). Not only will there be dinners out (sushi!) but Casey is the owner of Munchkin's brother, Ghelkyn. I want to see that reunion.

Yup, these nights of gathering with friends, eating great food and killing hordes of evil things will be sorely missed.

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