Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sirena rehearsals!

Got to sit in on Amanda's Sirena rehearsal for TSP. Inspiring and a bit intimidating to see these girls work. They're very talented and pick things up very quickly. Makes me want to write music again.

Now if only my computer weren't monopolized in the Sirena process....

At this point a sense of panic has kind of settled in. There are always about a billion things I can be doing on any given day at any given moment. Sadly its just too much. "I should do music now" becomes "is there any possible thing more important to be doing now than music?"

The answer is always yes.

I unfortunately don't get to make my creative outlet a job. Amanda gets that privilege. Once we are on the road I'm sure I will get back into it. Amanda's even promised we would play music again together....

So each day is met with a hearty "harrumph" and I just kind of end up slogging through the things I'm obligated to do in the hopes that sometime soon I will be doing something that really feels fulfilling.

Well, back to teaching myself a bit of Japanese. Why not right?

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