Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday and progress!

Had Amanda's birthday yesterday. Spent the day up in Oostburg with her and her family. Fun time all around. We went to a party the night before where a lot of people from the Sheboygan theatre and others all got together and were all dressed to the nines. We brought an appetizer and a couple bottles of wine and got nice and shnazzy ourselves. I haven't worn my suit that I had for music gigs back in college for a while, it was good to get dressed and I'm glad it still fit nicely. Coupling it with the long hair, I definitely looked like a crazy conductor, especially since Amanda was insisting I try wearing my hair a bit more down and around my face. Not used to that but it kind of grew on me as the night went on. And hey, if she likes it, who am I to complain?

So the party was a lot of fun. It was neat to meet so many new people and get introduced, but once the pleasantries were over, there did come a point where conversations had died down, the football game wasn't on, and everyone was getting a bit tipsy. Having had 3 glasses of wine myself and gotten up at 6:45AM for my last Pinkalicious ASM gig downtown (we had a new girl on for the lead, so we had to run the entire show for a warmup that morning...) I was pretty tired. Add the wine, the exciting conversation and nerves about being in a house full of strangers, I got a bit overwhelmed. In those situations, I tend to get quiet and need a bit of prodding to get social again. Sadly, everyone knew Amanda and were very excited to get her drunk.  This left me alone and I felt a bit nervous getting trashed in a house full of strangers. So for a while I was alone and had no idea what to do or where to go. Spent the found time talking to Tegan about TSP stuff and sending a few emails. Fortunately, Amanda found me just hanging out and dragged me back downstairs. Things picked up from there. So the party overall was a good experience. 

Spent a while getting a few things loaded up in Appa (including a new shower head that actually fits! Yeah retrofitting) before coming back to Chicago. Now it's a matter of turning off the utilities, finding a subletter and more! Soon, I'll be needing to make some big purchases (car tow dolly, new keyboard, new tv) and can't wait to go see what's out there.

Had to check several places to find somewhere that works on the engines of RV's and not the "house part." This came as a bit of a surprise, why don't "RV Service Centers" service RV's? Ah well, it took a while but I found a truck dealership that will work on Appa and so hopefully everything will be in order.

Now time to work out a bit and watch some South Park before a Seelie Players meeting. We have a bank account now and got all our documents in order, so we're totally legit now. Bit of business, bit of planning and then party time!

Oh yeah, another pic of the RV for y'all. The rest to come, maybe an album!

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